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Centaur Media Pty Ltd is a bespoke publishing company specialising in numismatic-related publications.

In the past ten years we have published numerous books and booklets related to coin and banknote collecting. We have also provided expert advice to the International Banknote Society and designed their publication The IBNS Introduction to Banknotes and Banknote Collecting.

We have written and published numerous articles in The Australasian Coin & Banknote Magazine and Antiques to Vintage and Everything in Between.

Primarily we provide book, catalogue and other publication design and production services. We can also assist first-time authors with related design and artwork services.

Maboroshi – Japanese Ceramic Coinage – Circa 1945

Author: Greg Hale
Publisher: Centaur Media Pty. Ltd.
Available now!

The mysterious Japanese ceramic coins from 1944–45 provide a snapshot of a brief and fascinating part of Japanese numismatic history – the fragile link between war and peace in Japan.

‘Maboroshi’ is a Japanese term to describe these coins and translates as the phantom. These small ceramic coins are undoubtedly mysterious, and like a ghost in the night, as soon as they appeared, they were gone. Mystery surrounds their existence, use and destruction at war’s end.
This booklet tells the story – the trials and tribulations of these coins from their concept to production and destruction.

The Collector’s Guide to Japanese Invasion Money – 2nd Edition

Author: Greg Hale
Publisher: Centaur Media Pty. Ltd.Available Now!
 The Collector’s Guide to Japanese Invasion Money book - 2nd Edition
Available now!

This new book is a culmination of more than ten years of research and study in military numismatics, culture, psychology, art and design.

It is essential for collectors and dealers and includes:
• Quantities, blocks and detailed values
• Numerous photos of bank notes and varieties
• Reference codes from the Standard Catalogue of World Paper Money and The Catalog of Japanese Coins and Bank Notes to assist collectors in identifying notes and varieties
• A new grading guide specifically for JIM and a quick reference table to assist with self-grading
• Specimen and counterfeit detecting information
• Updated collectors’ tables including newly discovered blocks and numbers and hard-to-find blocks and serial numbers highlighted.

This book provides a snapshot of JIM in World War II, beyond a catalogue and reference book. It provides an ‘experience’ through stories of the day, propaganda, newspaper articles, artwork and details the introduction and the aftermath of Japanese Invasion Money.

大東亜戦争 軍票カタログ(日本語)The Catalogue of Japanese Military Notes of The Pacific War

Author: Greg Hale
Publisher: Centaur Media Pty. Ltd.
Available now!

軍票カタログの最新版! どのカタログよりも新しく、細かく分類された記号と番号、グレード別の価値が多数のカラー写真と共に記載されています。

著者: グレゴリー・ヘイル 2019年4月 初版発行

52ページ フルカラー

• 軍票の細かい分類、記号と番号、価値(カタログの参考価格は全て日本円で表示されています)

• 豊富な種類、連合国偽造券、レプリカ券を含む多数の参考写真

• 比較、参考に便利な「日本貨幣カタログ」と「Standard Catalogue of World Paper Money」のオリジナルカタログ番号

• 収集に役立つ軍票グレーディングチェックリストとグレーディング例

• 透かし識別情報

• 新しく発見された記号と番号、入手困難で希少な記号と連続番号の情報を含んだ「収集一覧表」

The Japanese Phoenix Collection Brochure

Author: Greg Hale
Publisher: Centaur Media Pty. Ltd.
Available now!

Size: A4, 24 pages, full colour.

This brochure showcases a collection of Japanese World War II banknotes and specimens from the Ministry of Finance, Japanese Government, 1945–48 known as The Japanese Phoenix Collection.

The brochure has been compiled for researchers and collectors as a record of banknotes discovered in late 2017.

Limited quantity available.

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